Offshore Crane

Offshore cranes is designed for accurate lifts in all conditions, including extremely cold environments with temperatures down to -40°C. They can be delivered with hydraulic or electric winch drives and the hydraulic power unit (HPU) and winch can be located either on the crane or below deck.

All motions, including tension-modes and auxiliary and tugger winch functions are integrated within a powerful and intuitive in-house designed control system. This assures precision and safety during critical operations.
Standard features
  • Lifting capacity up to 600t single line / 900t double fall
  • In-house developed control system
  • Main winch wire capacity up to 4,000m
  • Main winch can be mounted on the crane or below deck
  • Auxiliary winches with up to 50t SWL and 4000m wire capacity
  • Fully-equipped, spacious, air-conditioned, ergonomically designed operator cabin
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